Production Company: Lime Pictures for Disney – Director: Rebecca Rycroft

When Tara (the hero of this Emmy Nominated series) rediscovers her beloved childhood toy, Drifty, the last thing she expects is that his once soothing lullaby will start sending the inhabitants of Evermoor to sleep…forever.

Conceived as a childhood toy with the attitude of a New York Taxi driver, Drifty was a gift of a character to create and perform. Drifty was designed to be familiar and yet original. He had an internally controlled brow mechanism over his black bead eyes, and his arms were performed with concealed rods, so no postproduction was required. He was fitted with a practical sleepytime night-light, which would come on every time he sung his lullaby.

Performing on set, puppeteers were hidden within counter tops, chests of drawers, sofas, and for one shot buried underground so that Drifty could be seen popping out of a bag in the on the forest floor.